Rauner Stays Quiet About Gun Legislation

Mar 1, 2018

Credit Palmetto State Armory

Illinois state lawmakers passed a series of sweeping gun-control measures yesterday in the wake of a nationwide call to action.

 But Governor Bruce Rauner has yet to take a position on many of the ideas — and declined to do so again today. Rauner hasn’t taken questions from Statehouse reporters since last months’ school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

So when he announced he’d be visiting a Springfield charter school to read to kids — even though his people said he wouldn’t take questions — it seemed like a reasonable opportunity to ask where he stands.So far, only a proposal to require gun dealers to get a state license has made it to his desk.

But Rauner still won’t say whether he supports or opposes it

SD: “Governor, will you sign the gun dealer licensing bill?”

Rauner: (“Mr. principal, how are you?”)

SD: “Governor, it’s a yes or no question.”

Staffer: (“We’re not doing any sort of questions today.”)

In an email, a spokeswoman says the administration is “encouraged” to hear “bipartisan conversation” and will review any bill sent to the governor’s desk. That has yet to happen for many gun measures — like a ban on so-called assault weapons, which still needs Senate approval.