Rauner makes the rounds before election day

Nov 3, 2014

It’s the final countdown to Election Day and the candidates are crisscrossing Illinois.   Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner makes his first stop of the day Lou Mitchell’s restaurant on Chicago’s near west side.  The diner is no stranger to political guests.

"Bruce Rauner running for Governor, good to see you.  Yup. Looking forward to going to work for you, enjoy your breakfast today. "

This morning, diners got a handshake from Bruce Rauner along with the restaurant's trademark  Milk Duds and donuts. 

"It’s so critical that voters get out and vote. The frustration is hundreds of thousands of voters in Illinois don’t vote in non-presidential elections. That’s a tragedy. Democracy doesn’t work."

Rauner and his wife Diana were dressed casually, the candidate sporting a brown Carhartt jacket.

"And from here we’re going to Bloomington, Springfield, Moline and Rockford. "

There were supporters among the crowd, one diner wore a Veterans for Bruce Rauner pin.  And as the pack of reporters, cameramen and campaign staff ran out the door after the candidate, one hostess shrugged off the interruption.  "We’re used to it" she said.