Rauner, Madigan spar over temporary budget

Jul 16, 2015

Negotiations on a full year's budget appear to remain far apart ... but it's up to Governor Bruce Rauner whether Illinois will make due with a downsized version for July.

Democrats passed what they say is a one-month, bare-bones budget over Republicans' objections, including Gov. Rauner's, who had this to say about it last week:

"This is just getting to their four billion dollar whole one month at a time ... I don't support that bill. I do not, I will not sign, I don't support that bill."

Rauner hasn't spoken publicly since. His office sent a press release after the General Assembly's action broadly condemning legislators, but without any direct comment on the stopgap spending plan.

House Speaker Michael Madigan says Rauner should take some time to reflect:

"The bill would provide 30 days of appropriation for essential services; I don't think anybody in the legislature or in the governor’s office would disagree with my characterization that those services are essential."

The measure also covers state employees' pay.