Quinn makes push for increasing MAP grants

Apr 4, 2014

Gov. Pat Quinn is promoting his plan to increase the number of need-based scholarships over the next five years. The Chicago Democrat toured universities around Illinois Thursday, including the University of Illinois. 

Quinn says he wants to double the number of Monetary Award Program, or MAP grants, for college students. Joined by a number of them on the U of I’s Urbana campus, Quinn cited his desire to pay for the grants with income tax revenue.

“In the last five years we’ve made some financial reforms in Illinois that have allowed us to come to this point where we can, for example, invest 50-million more dollars in the monetary assistance program,” says Quinn.

The current state budget allocates $373 million for MAP grants.  Quinn estimates 21,000 more students will be able to attend college because of it. He wants to make the temporary income tax increase permanent in his budget, saying that'll help avoid deep cuts to education and other services. 

However, Republicans say the tax should be allowed to roll back and spending should be cut elsewhere.