Quinn to address innefficient boards and commissions

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn may have a hard time getting most of his budget through the General Assembly, but he is expected to act Friday on one proposal that doesn't require getting legislators' approval.  


Governor Quinn is set to follow through today on a promise he made in Wednesday’s budget address: "I'm issuing an Executive Order to officially eliminate or consolidate 75 boards and commissions to increase efficiency." Quinn's office says after careful review, he's getting rid of boards that are redundant, or whose missions are complete. Democratic Representative Jack Franks, of Woodstock says it's about time. "I don't know what took him so long, I tried to help him last year by passing a bill through the House to get him to do this as well and all of a sudden he's having an epiphany, after four years, that we should get rid of boards and commissions that aren’t necessary, are duplicative, and don't meet. Well I congratulate him on doing it I just wish he would have done it many years ago." But Franks says there's plenty more to do with the hundreds of commissions that will be left after Quinn issues his executive order, like those that pay part-time board members salaries and benefits as if they were full-time jobs.