Prosecutors Want Judge to Allow Gliniewicz Emails, Texts

Jun 9, 2017

Prosecutors in northern Illinois are asking a judge to reconsider a key ruling regarding the upcoming trial of the wife of a former Fox Lake Police lieutenant who killed himself.

Lake County prosecutors want the judge to allow them to present text and emails between Charles Gliniewicz  and his widow. Melodie Gliniewicz was indicted after her husband committed suicide in September 2015. She has pleaded not guilty to charges including siphoning money from the village's youth policing program.

Authorities say Charles Gliniewicz staged his suicide because he feared discovery of his embezzlement from the youth program.

Judge James Booras previously has banned communications between the husband and wife citing state marital privilege laws. He's expected to rule June 19 ahead of Gliniewicz's July 3 trial.