Property Tax Freeze 'Non-Starter' in IL Gov's Budget

Feb 15, 2017

  Governor Bruce Rauner is criticizing parts of a grand budget compromise Illinois Senate leaders are working on.


Democrats roundly dismissed the budget Rauner presented Wednesday.

In the speech, the Republican governor criticized the only budget negotiations going on right now. He said the Senate’s grand compromise should include a permanent freeze of property taxes in towns across the state...rather than a temporary freeze.


Democratic Senator Don Harmon says that’s a non-starter, and it’s not related to the state budget. "He’s really trying to, I think, lay down the path for why he would not approve this deal if it were to pass the Senate and the House."


Harmon says Senators will keep talking despite Rauner’s criticism.

Last week negotiations hit a roadblock when GOP senators wouldn’t even vote on some less controversial parts of the compromise.