PPS Teachers Go Door-to-Door to Encourage Attendance

Aug 8, 2017

It’s the last full week of summer for Peoria Public School students. And many of them are getting a special visitor to help get them ready.

Peoria District 150 teachers are participating in a home visiting campaign called “Because We Care.”

Credit Creative Commons

School teams that include principals, teachers, support staff and volunteers are going door-to-door, visiting as many as families as possible.

The visits aim to encourage students to be at school every day and on time, starting Wed., Aug. 16. It’s part of the district’s broader attendance campaign with a goal of 95-percent.

Many schools in the district were close to or at the attendance goal last year, but the district-wide total was 90-percent.

Research shows attendance is vital for students’ learning -- and the district benefits, too. The existing state school aid funding formula is determined by a district’s average daily attendance.