Picketing AFSCME Members Want Rauner to Resume Talks

Nov 17, 2016

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is in the early stages of imposing new employment terms for members of AFSCME the state's largest government labor union.  That's because of a state labor relations board decision early this week that the two sides are at an impasse in contract negotiations.  But AFSCME members like Randy Knight, with the department of revenue, want Rauner to instead choose to resume talks.  Knight and hundreds of other state employees picketed outside their Springfield office over the lunch hour.

"To me it feels like he's chipping away at the very... the 40-hour work week. IT just feels like he's trying to degrade the quality of life, the standard of living, trying to raise our prices, lower our benefits. I've heard rumors of: He just wants to sub-contract out a bunch of temporary people for our jobs. And it's absolutely deplorable."

Similar rallies took place at state facilities across Illinois today.  Rauner has given no indication he's willing to resume bargaining.  The fight is expected to next go to court.