PHA updates trespass policy

Jun 25, 2013

The Peoria Housing Authority now has an updated trespass policy. The authority’s board approved changes this week following complaints from members of the community.

The trespass list is made up of about one-thousand people not allowed on PHA properties because they’ve either committed a crime or caused an on-site disturbance. Anyone wanting off the list had to appeal with the PHA Safety and Security Administrator who would make the final decision.

Two Peoria residents said the policy should allow for better due process. Community Relations Manager Sherneka Cagle says the updated rule now permits those on the list to make another appeal to the authority’s Security and Resident Relations Committee.  

“What this does is give an individual a chance to have due process and not just have a PHA employee be the only person that makes the decision about the trespass list. So, it’s sort of a checks and balances (process) for us.” 

The new policy also ensures people put on the list are notified in writing. The PHA’s Safety and Security Administrator is also tasked with updating the list annually.