PHA looking for community support for Taft project

Oct 21, 2013

The Peoria Housing Authority plans to launch a marketing campaign for its Taft Homes redevelopment project. The PHA wants to build up to six new apartment developments throughout the city for Taft’s more than 200 residents. The authority would then be free to either sell or lease the land where the complex currently resides.

The marketing campaign’s goal is to raise awareness and support for the project. PHA Chief Executive Officer Brenda Coates says the agency likely faces an uphill battle in convincing various neighborhoods to accept housing for Taft residents.

“There are just some in the community that really believe that low income people as long as you keep them on that end of town, we’re all fine. But you know what? Things are happening on the north end of town too. So it’s not just the south side where ok, there’s some crime occurring, there’s some burglaries. It’s all over the community. It’s everybody’s problem now.”

Coates says residents moving into new developments will be required to meet certain requirements like having a job, going to school or being disabled. They also have to be able to put utilities in their own names and have a good record of paying rent on time. Coates says there will be public meetings and advertising to address people's concerns beginning next year.