Petcoke company makes changes after violations

Jun 10, 2014

A company that handles thousands of tons of pet coke plans to invest millions of dollars to keep it from becoming airborne. 

KCBX Terminals operates two facilities on Chicago’s far southeast side -- both along the Calumet River. The company announced today it will close its north terminal while building a large warehouse at its south terminal.   That building will store petroleum coke, an ash-like byproduct that comes from refining crude oil. 

Pet coke can become airborne -- which is why many nearby residents opposed having it in their neighborhood.  KCBX spokesman Jake Reint says. 

 "Dust has become more of an issue recently. We think this enclosure and consolidating the operations will hopefully resolve a lot of those concerns. "

KCBX’s investment comes after the City of Chicago passed new rules requiring firms handing pet coke to have it stored indoors.  Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cited KCBX for violating the Clean Air Act.