Peoria tallies expenses for flood prep, cleanup

Jul 14, 2015

Crews install part of a 1,500 ft. sand barrier along the Illinois River (WED JUNE 17, 2015)
Credit Alex Rusciano / Peoria Public Radio
Expenses along the Illinois River to keep this year’s flood waters at bay cost the City of Peoria $720,000. That’s $100,000 more than the flood from two years ago:

 The expenses include costs for labor, materials, contractors and other equipment.  Peoria Public Works Director Mike Rogers says one reason the expenses are greater compared to 2013 is crews had to install about 300 feet of additional flood barriers.  He says another reason is this year’s flood event is predicted to be about nine weeks above flood stage, compared to five a few years back:

 “We’ve almost doubled the amount of time that we’re in a flood stage, so that takes a lot more effort and more time and yes, it’s costly.”

 Rogers says total flood and storm costs this year will approach $1 million.  He says crews won’t start taking down the flood barriers until early August. That’s when Rogers says the river will dip below the 18-foot flood stage. 

 Rogers says Public Works is considering buying a multi-million-dollar temporary-permanent flood barrier