Peoria Symphony Celebrates "Romance" in Next Concert

Feb 8, 2019

This week, we're talking with George Stelluto, Music Director of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra; and with Todd Kelly, about the PSO's concert this weekend. Stelluto says the concert is like a box of Valentine's Day chocoloates, offering a sampler of musical experiences. The Todd Kelly Quintet will present original jazz compositions toward the middle of the program; dancers from the Central Illinois Ballet will perform alongside the PSO to a handful of dances; and local jazz musicans will performa at an after-party following the concert. Stelluto and Kelly both make the point that good music is good music, regardless of genre or era.

The program also includes a performance of Duke Ellington's Piano Concerto, with pianist Geoffrey Duce. Duce is the PSO's artist in residence the season; Stelluto talks about the new artist-in-residence program, and about how it allows the orchestra to expand its presence in the community throughout the year.

The Peoria Symphony Orchestra will present the concert, "Romance," Saturday night at 7:30 in the Peoria Civic Center Theatre.