Peoria Seeks $10M To Buy State Street Post Office, Ameren Gas Facility

Feb 13, 2020

$10 million to purchase a swath of land along Peoria's riverfront is among the items on the city's 2020 legislative wishlist. 

City Manager Patrick Urich said acquiring the State Street U.S. Post Office and adjacent Ameren Gas Facility on Persimmon will add more real estate for additional development.

"The acquisition of those three parcels could potentially allow for 27 acres that could continue that expansion of the Warehouse District and also open up more of the riverfront for recreational activities, as well," Urich said.

The post office would be relocated. 

State Rep. Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) voiced his support of the idea as part of a broader sense of momentum moving into the new decade.

"Those are huge opportunities. And so I think all of us need to come together and dream big," he said. 

Other items included in the city's capital funding requests to lawmakers include $9 million for a Warehouse District parking deck and $2.2 million to extend Commercial Street from Oak to Persimmon to spur residential building conversions on nearby Washington Street.

Also on tap are previously announced Riverfront Park development aims under the "Bridge to Bridge" plan, which would include flood control measres as well as recreational opportunities; and redevelopment of the MacArthur Highway corridor. 

The city also has multimillion-dollar repair projects for West Main, Pioneer Parkway, Glen Avenue, and Allen Road in its sights.

State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth (D-Peoria) said many of those projects will receive the multi-million funding needed through the Rebuild Illinois capital bill passed last year, but some will need "willed into existence." 

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