Peoria Salvation Army Contributes to Harvey Resuce Efforts

Aug 31, 2017

The Salvation Army is supporting one of the largest disaster relief operations in its history. The organization has 71 mobile feeding units from across the nation deployed in Texas.  Salvation Army trained disaster workers are also being deployed and staged in waves to help with the immediate need and ongoing recovery effort that will be necessary.

The local Salvation Army mobile feeding units are not expected to be deployed in lieu of other closer communities be able to supply the vehicles.

Peoria area spiritual support team members other volunteers are on standing by to go as people are able to return to their homes and will need ongoing support and relief. 

The Peoria Salvation Army has teamed up with local TV stations over the last two days for a telethon that has raised $36,000. Two more telethon efforts are planned in conjunction with WEEK & WHOI TV still this evening. People can also make donations at