Peoria Police: Please Lock Your Car

Aug 7, 2017

Peoria Police are asking city residents to remember to lock their vehicles.  A rash of recent burglaries and vehicle thefts city wide is prompting the call.

Peoria Police Captain Loren Marion says comparing the last 10 days to the same time last year, car burglaries have jumped more than 75-percent. He says it's, "from the South End to North End, East Bluff to Center bluff, it’s all over the place.”


Marion says many of the burglaries are happening to unlocked cars. He says they’re asking people, “to be diligent locking their vehicles.”  Marion says it’s easy to forget, but remembering to lock the car may save a person from being a victim of burglary.

Peoria Police spokeswoman Amy Dotson says leaving a door unlocked and valuables visible in the car is an opportunity for a thief checking door handles. “When they get lucky, you know it’s less than 30-seconds they’re in and out of the vehicle with your possessions.”


Police believe several groups of young people are responsible. Captain Marion says often an extra set of keys to another vehicle are left in the unlocked car being robbed. He says that’s providing easy means for an additional burglary, if not a car theft.