Peoria goverments look for more collaboration

Mar 2, 2016

  Five local governments participated in an informational meeting with the Peoria District 150 School Board last night. Peoria Public Radio’s Tanya Koonce reports the goals was to explore ways to cooperate.     

More than 40 people representing the City of Peoria, the county, the city/county health department, the library and the park district participated in the first of its kind meeting.


Peoria District 150 School Board President Martha Ross led the session at the front of the horseshoe at Woodruff technical center. She says it’s to everybody’s advantage to work together. "It was just the education of knowing what everybody else is doing and knowing how interested people are to work together. You know and to collaborate together. That is exciting.”

The group consensus was to meet quarterly. Topics suggested for the next agenda include greater citizen engagement, potential cost sharing and grant collaboration. Those participating in the meeting also suggested breaking into smaller groups for more discussion and problem solving.