Peoria Fire Department Investigating Series of Arson Fires

Apr 19, 2018

The Peoria Fire Department is investigating a series of house and vehicle fires.
Credit Mike Broatch / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Peoria Fire Department is reporting four arsons over a four-day period. Two car and two house fires since Saturday are being investigated, after it was determined they were intentionally set. Arson investigators say each fire involved a large amount of accelerant, and each was set in the middle of the night.


The Saturday night car fire at 2701 Southwest Adams was a total loss. Sunday night, a car at 1330 Northeast Adams and a house at the house at 533 Van Buren fires are also both total losses. A house fire at 1317 North Sheridan on Tuesday night caused extensive damage.


Operations Division Chief Tony Ardis says the fire department is working with the Peoria Police Department to determine whether the fires were set by the same person or group, and whether they are related to recent gang violence. He says the Fire Department also wants residents to be aware of any strange behavior in their neighborhood and report it to police.


There's also an arson hotline for anyone with information about the fires. The number is 494-8776.