Peoria Council Passes $218M Biennial Budget

Nov 6, 2019

The Peoria City Council approved next year’s budget in less than one hour last night. 

It includes a three dollar increase in the monthly residential garbage fee to $21 , a twice-yearly $300 fee on owners of foreclosed property, and an increase in the fee retailers pay for selling tobacco. The proposal called for that fee to jump from $60 to $500 a year.

Councilman John Kelly thought the increase was excessive and offered a substitute motion. That motion failed. 

The $500 fee was then approved on a nine-to-two vote, with Kelly and Councilwoman Rita Ali voting no. There is no increase in the real estate tax rate for next year. The budget totals nearly $218 million.

Last night’s approval was for a biennial budget, and there was a change in the budget for 2021. Councilman Jim Montelongo wanted to remove $2.5 million that would replace Firehouse 19 on Frostwood Parkway.

The motion passed nine-to-two with Mayor Jim Ardis and councilman Sid Ruckriegel voting against. A subsequent vote on the entire biennial budget passed unanimously.