Peoria City Council Weighs Recycling Pickup Changes

Feb 27, 2019

Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich outlines changes to the city's garbage and recycling program on January 3, 2019.
Credit Peoria Public Radio/Kristin McHugh

The Peoria city council will consider changes to the city’s recycling pickup schedule at a special meeting next Tuesday.

PDC Services changed the pickup of recycled materials this year from monthly to bi-weekly. That eliminated alley pickup of past years in favor of street-side pickup.

City Manager Patrick Urich says some citizens are finding it difficult to move the recycle bins from garages facing the alley to the street for pickup. The council will consider three possible changes to the contract with P-D-C.

"We would revert back to monthly pickup of recycling but it would be done in the alleys. The second option would be an additional cost to go to bi-weekly recycling. It would be a contract amendment of $210,000. The third option is looking at what contract changes we can make to offset that $210,000 cost," says Urich.

The council will meet at six P-M next Tuesday at the Gateway Building. The council will also hold a policy session that evening on tax increment financing districts.