Peoria City Council sets strategy

Nov 8, 2013

  The Peoria City Council is re-considering it’s strategic direction. It’s a management method the city manager says it useful in helping set policy. 

Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich says updating the city’s short and long term goals is a wise investment given five of the eleven council member’s are relatively new to the governing body. Urich says it’s a practice employed by many high performing businesses.

 Urich:“If you look at businesses as large as Caterpillar to businesses as small as a as a mom and pop retailer, they will figure out a way to say ‘here is how I want to operate’ with in the business they’re in and try and develop that strategy for addressing that. We’re simply trying to apply those business practices to the governance of a city the size of Peoria of 116,000 people.” 

Urich says he foresees a greater focus and emphasis on public safety and neighborhoods. 

The Peoria City Council began two days of special meetings for strategy setting at 1:00 p.m. Friday and resumes the second half of the exercise Saturday at 9:00 a.m.. Both meetings are at the Peoria Public Library downtown.