Peoria City Council Approves Annual Budget

Nov 16, 2016

Approval of the City of Peoria budget hit a temporary road bump Tuesday night.

  Councilman Jim Montelongo made a last-minute proposal to add money to study the future of the commercial corridor along Sterling Avenue in his district. He also offered an amendment to add $700,000 to the budget for pavement preservation, like sealcoating roads.

2nd District Council member Chuck Grayeb took exception to the suggestions. “I hope the council stays its course of being fiscally prudent and responsible. I hope we don’t end up finding a grab bag of items, wishes for each district that haven’t been contemplated up to now or we’re going to have instead of an arms race, a money race that ultimately will unbalance the budget.”

The council rejected both of Montelongo’s proposals and gave final approval to the $200-million city budget for next year. The vote was eight-to-one, with Montelongo voting no.

In other business the Peoria City Council also extended the hours during which the owner of the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex can serve alcohol.

Last month, the council set a limit of 10:00p.m. for the sale of alcohol throughout the complex. But 5th District Councilman Casey Johnson, who represents that area asked that the decision be reconsidered.

Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

  Mayor Ardis says there now will be two different limitations on alcohol sales - one for inside sales and one for outside sales. “Recommendation that councilman Johnson brought forward extends the serving outside in the field areas until 11 in case of inclement weather.”

Alcohol sales inside the dome and an adjacent building must stop at one in the morning. The council approved the change on a six-to-three vote with council members Beth Akeson, Jim Montelongo and Beth Jensen voting no.