Pekin students shop with a cop

Aug 1, 2013

About 10 Pekin kids got the chance to shop with members of the city’s police department for school supplies. The effort is a partnership between the Pekin Police Department, Salvation Army, and Target.

Target supplies the Salvation Army with 80-dollar gift cards for underprivileged students. The children get to use that money for anything they may need for school.

Detective Mike Eeten is with the Pekin Police Department. He says it’s important for police to reach out to members of the community.

“We always want kids to know that the police are good guys. We’re safe, and we want to be able to do fun things with them and break down the barrier of a big, bad scary cop with all of this gear and be able to show them that we care about them and that we want to do something special with them.”

Eeten says this is the fifth year the police department has partnered with the Salvation Army to help students buy school supplies. Students are chosen based on family income.