Pekin’s New City Manager Gets Unanimous Support

Nov 2, 2016

The City of Pekin has a new city manager. The Pekin City Council unanimously approved Anthony “Tony” Carson for the position in a special meeting.

Anthony "Tony" Carson, Jr.

 Pekin Mayor John McCabe says Carson brings 18 years of municipal experience to the position. “He also has some private business experience which brings a nice balance to the job, which is something that I think was pleasing to all of us when we were looking at credentials.”

McCabe says Carson’s first order of business will be getting to know department heads along with getting to know the city’s new efficiency study.

Mayor McCabe: “He is already aware of the study because it came up in the interview. But I think that is an important aspect is that he needs to take a look at, and of course we’re in the middle of doing budget work now, and take a look at the budget work we’re doing and see how he can mend these things together.

Carson most recently worked as city manager of Painesville, Ohio.

He has a three-year contract with the City of Pekin start November 28th. Carson will start out earn $140,000 a year. He’ll receive a $400 monthly car allowance along with a $75 technology allowance.