Pekin Council To Discuss Possible Termination of City Manager

Sep 21, 2015

The Pekin City Council will discuss whether to terminate its City Manager later this month.  Two council members raised the issue last week.

City Councilman Tim Golden made a motion to discuss ending Darin Girdler’s employment with the city after more than a year on the job.  Golden says Girdler has failed to provide documentation on work for the city’s wastewater treatment plant and policy of approving change orders.  

Golden also questions why the city does not have formal, written agreement with an outside attorney for legal services, and the service has not been bid out, in other words, issued a Request for Proposal, or RFP.

E-mail exchanges show Girdler replying to Golden questioning the attorney issue by Girdler saying:

“There has not been a recent RFP because the previous city managers and I knew the quality and value from this firm is excellent, and we have been very pleased with the services rendered. The appointment of the City Attorney/Corporation Counsel falls on the City Manager. There was nothing to "renew", simply continue the relationship between the City and its Attorneys.”  

Golden also says the city has hired a former city manager as a consultant, but Girdler has not provided Golden any scope of work.  

Golden’s motion to consider Girdler’s termination was seconded by Pekin Councilman Mark Luft.  

He says there’s been a general lack of communication between Girdler and the Council: 

“Where are we moving forward? It just makes you feel like you’re sitting idle while everybody else is moving by, and that’s a focus that has to change.”

Girdler did not return multiple requests for comment on the issue.  The next regular Pekin City Council meeting is September 28th.