Non-Profit Proposal For Peoria Stadium Moves Forward

Dec 1, 2016

Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Peoria Public School Building Committee is asking those who submitted a proposal for the future of Peoria Stadium to move forward with developing a business plan. The Building Committee yesterday talked through the three page proposal Adam White and others submitted. The proposal calls for replacing Peoria Stadium with modern facilities and operating it as a nonprofit with a board of directors and full-time person to run the operation.

The new facilities would be constructed to meet the requirements for IHSA and collegiate competitions, with the potential for adding a dome to host sporting events year round. The group is also proposing to own or lease most or all of the property. Peoria Public Schools Building Committee Chair Dan Adler says the conversation is moving forward. He says the committee will meet again on the subject in early January.