New Tool Identifies Health Risk Factors Outside the Clinic

Dec 2, 2019

A new OSF HealthCare tool is screening patients for social factors that could impact their health.

Patients use Screen and Connect on an iPad while sitting in the waiting room. It asks questions to identify other problems patients are dealing with that could affect their health, such as food or housing insecurity.

Dr. Sarah Stewart de Ramirez is vice president and chief medical officer of OSF Innovation. She said the "social determinants of health" determine as much as 60 percent of a person's overall well-being. 

"It's really changed the lens of our providers, and you know when a patient comes to you, they're often coming to you for a clinical need. But providing the context is really important," she said.

If a patient asks for help, OSF has care managers who can pair them with community partners to assist them with their needs.

Screen and Connect rolled out in August..