New Exhibits, and Vaudeville Performance, on Tap at Contemporary Art Center

Jan 18, 2019

Our guest this week is William Butler, Executive Director of the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria. He joined us to talk about two of their exhibits -- "Natural Wonder," featuring work by Bethany Carlson Coffin and Stephanie Sailer; and "New Surrealism," which shows the contemporary influence of the Surrealist movement through the work of seven regional artists. Weather dealyed the arrival of some works for these exhibits, but they should be complete by this weekend.

In February, the CAC is presenting a Vaudeville-style performance by The Pretty Things Peepshow. The acts range from sword-swallowing, to close-up magic, and a mind-reading dog. Butler talks about the revival of vaudeville and other turn-of-the century styles of entertainment in recent years. He thinks the Internet has had a role in allowing performers to find an audience for their work.

And this year, the CAC is rolling out a new artist membership program. It's a result of their recent union with the Central Illinois Artists Organization, and it combines many of the features of those groups' individual memberships. He says it will benefit both artists, and people in the community hoping to discove art.

"New Surrelaism" and "Natural Wonder" both continue through February. "The Pretty Things Peepshow" will be presented on Thursday, February 28th.