New Comptroller Vows to Keep Lawmaker Paychecks Waiting In Line

Dec 5, 2016

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza

Illinois' new comptroller says she will continue the practice of waiting to pay public officials' paychecks.  Democrat Susana Mendoza took the oath of office for comptroller today in the statehouse rotunda.  She's taking over as a handful of legislators from her party are suing her office to be paid on time.

"I hope my former colleagues in the legislature will understand my decision to continue to prioritize the most vulnerable people in our state over payments to legislators. Unless a court instructs me to do otherwise."

Mendoza's predecessor, Republican Leslie Munger, chose to put elected officials' salaries at the bottom of Illinois' pile of more than 10 billion dollars of overdue bills.  Munger has said legislators don't deserve preferential treatment. Vendors and organizations that depend on state funds are waiting months to get what they're owed.

The lawsuit some legislators filed Friday in Cook County says the delay is a political tactic, and transgresses the separation of powers.