Manual health program includes food, exercise tips

Feb 20, 2013

Manual students learn healthy eating tips as part of the Healthy Living Program

High school students at Manual Academy are learning ways to eat better and exercise.  The Healthy Living program is being funded through a grant from the American Cancer Society.  The program includes nutrition information and exercise routines every week.  Tina Schallhorn is a pediatric dietician with Methodist Medical Center.  She says the class teaches people about sugary foods and drinks like soda:

 “Get them to read the food label, figure out in teaspoons of sugar how much that is actually measure out, and we have models of one and five pounds of fat and overtime this is what it equates too.  And then we give them an alternative of a drink.”  -Tina Schallhorn Schallhorn says the goal of the exercise and food awareness program is to help reduce obesity in young adults.  Students also compare how their eating and physical activity habits changed before and after the p