Madigan Takes on Trump, Rauner at Illinois Fair

Aug 18, 2016

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

Democratic Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan took on Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at Democrats' Day at the Illinois State Fair.  Madigan called on Democrats to come together against what he called Rauner and Trump's "extremism."

Madigan said after speaking to Illinois Democrats that it's clear Rauner is supporting Trump, calling the pair "two peas in a pod" and "joined at the hip." 

Rauner has said he'll support the GOP nominee for president, but hasn't specifically endorsed Trump. The governor, who has declined to discuss presidential politics, has said he's "disgusted" by some of Trump's remarks. 

Madigan says Rauner's plans for Illinois would "lower wages" and "lower the standard of living."

Republicans had their day at the state fair on Wednesday, when Rauner said the GOP would outspend Democrats.