Local health department wants more information on E.D. Edwards plant

Sep 8, 2014

At least one government entity is listening to environmental groups’ calls for leaders to demand more information from Dynegy. The Peoria City/County Health Department is sending a letter to the company asking about its future plans for the E.D Edwards plant that’s located outside Peoria.

Dynegy received permission from the state to delay installing pollution controls at the plant. Environmental groups worry Dynegy will never upgrade the aging facility and shut it down. Greg Chance is the Director of the Peoria City/County Health Department. He says the agency hopes the letter enhances communication between the company and the public.

“Help create a better awareness of what Dynegy is currently doing to reduce its influence on the environment as well as what are the potential opportunities for the Board of Health and the Health Department to work not only with the regulated industry but also the community and the neighbors of that particular regulated industry.”  

Local environmental groups have been pushing for leaders to demand Dynegy make public its future plans for the Edwards plant. Dynegy officials have said the company operates in compliance with state and federal emissions regulations, and invests in technology to further reduce emissions.