LISC and METEC working to improve household wealth

Sep 30, 2014

A new partnership in Peoria will help low-income individuals and families improve their household wealth. The Local Initiatives Support Corporation, or LISC and METEC Tuesday officially opened the first Financial Opportunity Center in the city.

The Center is part of a nation-wide effort by LISC to help individuals find gainful employment and improve their financial future.

Brandon Holmes is the Executive Director of Greater Peoria LISC. He says the center will establish long term relationships with its clients.

“Sometimes you might meet with a financial coach for a few minutes and then you might not talk to that person again for nine months. For the Financial Opportunity Center, that’s not really the model. This is very intensive, constantly meeting with clients and helping them really increase their own personal capacity to get to the next level, increase their income, their assets and their net worth,” said Holmes.

The Financial Opportunity Center is located within the METEC building on West Krause Avenue. It’s mostly funded by State Farm. It’s expected to reach 200 Peoria residents in its first year.