Libertarian Chad Grimm Is Running Against Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth

Jul 20, 2020

Libertarian Chad Grimm is challenging state Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, D-Peoria, in the November election.

Grimm filed his petitions Monday in Springfield.

"At a certain point when you see the state of your state decline, and when you see very weak leadership, somewhere as a citizen, you're obligated to get up and help," he said.

Grimm ran as the Libertarian candidate for governor in 2014. He also attempted to challenge Gordon-Booth in 2012, but was thrown off the ballot before the election. He said he validated each of the 267 signatures on his petition--and only needed 160 to qualify.

Gordon-Booth has run unopposed in her heavily Democratic district since 2010, when she defeated Republican Jim Montelongo. Grimm calls that decade-long lack of competition "problematic."

"She was elected, if I'm not mistaken, in 2008, which puts her at 12 years. And I'm also a supporter of term limits, and I think 12 years is enough," he said.

Grimm, a Peoria insurance agent, also criticized the recreational marijuana legalization legislation championed by Gordon-Booth and other Democrats. He said they "screwed up a good thing" by setting taxes too high.

"They've taxed it to the point where the black market is still alive, and the communities she claims to care about are still subject to arrest in a lot of situations, because they simply can't afford the 30 percent-plus tax on marijuana products," he said.

Grimm said he would set that tax at 6.5 percent.

He also said he favors a grant program over public housing, and is opposed to Gov. JB Pritzker's executive orders restricting businesses and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in downstate Illinois.

The 92nd District includes the southern half of the city of Peoria, as well as Peoria Heights, Bartonville, West Peoria, and Bellevue.

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