Legislature holding on to state spending bills

Jun 19, 2015

Credit Peoria Public Radio

The spending plan Democrats approved is broken into 20 different bills ... and most  have yet to be sent on to Governor Bruce Rauner.

That means Rauner is not yet able to sign them into law ... or reject them.

Senate President John Cullerton says Democrats held the bills back so Rauner would have time to think ... rather than veto them right away.

Republican Representative Eddie Sullivan, of Mundelein, says he's ready for Democrats to hurry things along.

"By at least putting a budget out there, and letting the governor veto, amendatorily veto, -- whatever he chooses to do -- moves the ball forward to some degree. At this point we're all at a standstill while imaginary sides negotiate on imaginary issues, because nothing's really going on."

All of the budget bills are public, so the governor's office --- and anyone else -- is free to analyze the spending plan in the interim.

Republicans criticize Democrats for passing a budget that spends billions more than the state has ... but Democrats say the governor is holding the budget hostage to an unrelated, anti-union, pro-business agenda.

Less than two weeks remain before the state loses spending authority.