Layoffs at multiple unemployment offices begin Friday

Feb 27, 2013

Layoffs at several state unemployment offices will begin Friday.  And the move has nothing to do with the federal sequestration.  Ironically, it's brought on by a better economy.   Illinois Department of Employment Security Director Jay Rowell says his agency runs the opposite of the economic cycle: "So when companies start to lay off workers at the start of an economic recession, we're busier.  We then receive more money from the federal government. We're entirely federally funded.  So we get more funding at that time and as the economy recovers, our funding then goes down because we're seeing fewer people, more people are getting back to work." Seven offices will close on Friday in Centralia, DeKalb, East St. Louis, Galesburg, Jacksonville, Mattoon and Murphysboro. Eight other offices were closed in the past year and a half.  Rowell says those seeking services will be directed to other locations and the internet.