Lawmakers Meet, Little Achieved

Nov 16, 2016

Credit Illinois Public Radio

Illinois legislators didn't do much Tuesday on their first day of their annual veto session. That could change today. Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky reports.


Gov. Bruce Rauner used his veto pen on 36 bills.  So far, lawmakers haven't dealt with any of them. But Senator Andy Manar, a Macoupin County Democrat, wants to override Rauner's veto of an automatic voter registration measure.


"It by far would be the greatest step we can take to increase voter participation throughout this state."


A lot of Republicans were on board with Manar's plan initially, but in a sign they'll side with their governor, the GOP has now introduced its own version. Another brand new bill's just been introduced: a massive and contentious energy package. It's intended to save nuclear plants and the jobs that come with them in Clinton and the Quad Cities, which Exelon is threatening to close … while also propping up coal-fired plants owned by Dynegy, and changing how customers are charged for electricity.