The Latest: $230M Home Seen as Legionnaires' Fix for Quincy's Veterans' Home

May 1, 2018

Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration has delivered a report on reconstruction of the Quincy veterans' home beset by deadly Legionnaires' disease.

 The report released Tuesday calls for building a state-of-the-art residential facility for $190 million to $230 million. This is less than anticipated by a preliminary report in April. 

The pneumonia-like Legionnaires' has contributed to the deaths of 13 residents at the Quincy home since 2015. Legionella bacteria breed in water systems and can sicken people who inhale water vapor.

The plan also calls for an entirely new system of underground plumbing for about $15 million and developing a separate underground water source for the home at about $4.5 million. Backup housing at a nearby vacant nursing home would cost about $6 million to buy and rehabilitate.