Labor Secretary Perez Praises IL Unions at DNC

Jul 27, 2016

U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez says unions have been a crucial​ part of establishing a successful middle class. He’s against plans like those promoted by Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

“These efforts to do away with collective bargaining, and prevailing wage, and the right-to-work-for-less movement is something that I think is frontal assault on the middle class. And that’s why I applaud the efforts of those in Illinois who understand that when unions succeed, Illinois succeeds.”

Perez spoke today to the Illinois delegation to the Democratic National Convention, which is meeting in Philadelphia.

Governor Rauner has said the state’s strong labor laws are eating into taxpayers’ pocketbooks.  His anti-union agenda … and Democrats’ opposition to it … was at the heart of Illinois’ historic budget impasse.