Jump Trading Center gets simulation ambulance

Apr 12, 2013

The Jump Trading Center is getting ready to be outfitted with furniture and simulation equipment for training doctors, nurses and paramedics. But a simulation ambulance was parked inside the center Friday near the simulated home setting. Advanced Medical Transport is donating the ambulance. It lacks an engine. But A-M-T Director Andrew Rand says parking it at the new center means is will be outfitted with HD cameras and simulation mannequins programmable for numerous emergency medical situations.“Now you’ll be able to watch yourself in video replay and have the entire experience critiqued by peer instructors so that you can repeat the kinds of behaviors and patient care you want and replace the ones you don’t want with ones you do,” Rand says.Doctor John Vozenilek is the Chief Medical Officer for the Simulation and Education Center. He says the simulation ambulance allows practice for those learning first response care, and that’s often where emergency patient care begins. Dr. Volenilek says “for pre hospital medicine, the paramedics or nurses involved in home health care, they can actually engage with patients in this setting. If a patient needs to be transferred to the hospital we have an ability to go through every step of that process.” The new six story Jump Trading Center opens later this month. Dr. Volenilek says it’s one of about seven unique simulation facilities in the country. The two floors of simulation labs also include an I-C-U, a surgical suite that doubles as a trauma room and patient care rooms.