Jesse Ruiz Enters the Fold for Attorney General

Oct 18, 2017

Chicago Park District President Jesse Ruiz announced he’s running for Illinois Attorney General Wednesday.

Ever since Attorney General Lisa Madigan made the surprise announcement that she won’t seek re-election - a ton of people publicly thought of running to replace her, some more seriously than others.

On Wednesday, attorney Jesse Ruiz, a Democrat, announced he’s in.

He released an online video saying how he’d use the office. In the video, Ruiz says he plans to protect us all when our government goes too far, whether that’s from Bruce Rauner here in Illinois or Donald Trump in the White House.

Ruiz joins a growing list of other Democrats running for Attorney General.

State Representative Scott Drury, former Chicago police misconduct investigator Sharon Fairley, attorney Aaron Goldstein, and State Senator Kwame Raoul are all running for the office.