It's National Voter Registration Day. Are You Ready To Head To The Polls?

Sep 24, 2019

Today is National Voter Registration Day, an annual reminder to register for the first time or update your voter information.

Elizabeth Gannon, assistant executive director of the Peoria County Election Commission, said there are a number of ways to register: bring two forms of ID — including one with your current address — to the election commission’s office, a public library location or township hall; or register online with a valid Illinois driver’s license or state ID card.

“Registration will be open through Feb. 18 of 2020,” Gannon said. “So if you can’t take care of it today, there is still plenty of time to get registered to vote before the 2020 election cycle.”

Gannon adds anyone who will be 18 years old by Election Day can register to vote now and are eligible to participate in the primary.

There are currently about 112,000 registered voters in Peoria County. Gannon said some may need to update their information before heading to the polls.

“Any time that you move or change your name, you do have to re-register to vote,” Gannon said. “People just think that’s kind of automatic. It’s getting that way, but we’re not there yet, so just be mindful that it is your responsibility to take care of that.”

For more information and to check your voter registration status, visit the Peoria County Election Commission’s website.