Illinois sues former prisoner for cost of her incarceration

Sep 7, 2015

The State of Illinois is suing a former prisoner for more than 100 thousand dollars to cover the cost of her own incarceration.

In a lawsuit filed last week, the state puts the cost of Yolanda Fondren’s prison time for attempted armed violence at about $23,ooo a year.  And it says they believe Fondren has a bank account with at least $200,000  in it.

David Shapiro is a law professor at Northwestern University.

"To take someone in that situation who may be doing well, and destroying them financially, really wiping them out, has the potential to undermine any hope for rehabilitation."

A spokeswoman for the Illinois Attorney General says they sue former inmates, about 10 times per year, whenever the department of corrections refers them.

A prison spokeswoman refused to comment on the lawsuit or provide any information about why they would sue a former inmate.

Yolanda Fondren could not be reached for comment.