Illinois Senate Approves Property-Tax Freeze

May 30, 2017

Credit Flickr Creative Commons/Alan Cleaver

The Illinois Senate has approved a two-year property tax freeze.  Democratic Senate President John Cullerton of Chicago pushed two property-tax freezes measures through the Senate. 

One would freeze property tax levies for school districts. But they'd be able to seek a waiver from the Illinois State Board of Education. The other would freeze taxes for other government bodies with exemptions to allow them to pay down debt and make contributions to employees' pensions. 

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has insisted on a freeze on local property taxes for more than two years. Illinois has among the nation's higher rates. 

Rauner has demanded a permanent freeze. Democrats say that would cripple local governments. Cullerton says senators could adopt a new freeze if a two-year freeze works.   The measures move to the House.