Illinois Pension Shouldn't Invest in Border Wall

Nov 22, 2016

Any companies that may end up helping build a wall on the U.S. / Mexico border would stand to lose Illinois investments, under a proposal unveiled today.  The legislation would forbid the state's pension funds from investing in any firm that participates in the wall proposed by President-Elect Donald Trump.  

State Representative Lisa Hernandez, a Chicago Democrat, says the plan sends a message, that Illinois supports immigrants, not divisiveness.

"Instead of investing dollars in a wall, we should be investing more so in schools, in universities. It's about building bridges, not building walls."

Supporters say that were such legislation to pass, it would force Governor Bruce Rauner to take a stance on the issue.

The Republican avoided talking about Trump throughout the campaign. He since said that he is hopeful the Trump administration will be “pro-growth.”  This afternoon, Rauner didn't directly respond to a question about his stance on a border wall.  But the governor said that he supports "comprehensive immigration reform."  He says the presidential campaign rhetoric was "appalling" and everyone needs to take a deep breath.

Illinois law already requires its pensions systems divest from companies doing business with Sudan, Iran and firms that boycott Israel.