Illinois Makes An Offer To Those Who Owe Back Taxes

Sep 18, 2019

Illinois is offering an incentive to those who have outstanding state tax debt in an effort to get them to pay up.

Those who owe dating back to July 1, 2011 can use a new tax amnesty program that would waive penalties and interest. It’s estimated to bring in about $175 million due the state. A spokesman for the Illinois Department of Revenue called that estimate "conservative."

But those wanting to take advantage will need to act fast. They have from October 1 until November 15 to make a full payment and file the necessary paperwork.

The state will be sending out letters to those eligible. If you’re not sure if you qualify, you can contact the department.

The amnesty program only applies to state tax debt, not property or other local government taxes or fees, like those from collection agencies.

Illinois last offered tax amnesty in 2010.