Illinois House OKs State Gun-Dealer Licensing

Feb 28, 2018

The Illinois House has approved state licensing of firearms dealers and requiring that those buying assault-style weapons wait through a 72-hour "cooling off" period before taking delivery. 

The House voted 64-52 on the licensing plan by Addison Democratic Rep. Kathleen Willis. It creates state licensing of gun shops. Advocates say federal licensing isn't sufficient to stem the practice of straw purchasers selling weapons to criminals.

It's been OK'd by the Senate and goes to the governor.

Critics say state licensing is duplicative and onerous. They say the $1,000 fee for a five-year license would be a burden on small shops and that the state would have to invest millions of dollars it doesn't have to hire inspectors. 

Berwyn Democratic Rep. John Carroll says he was surprised to learn there's a 72-hour cooling-off period for handguns but not long guns - including assault rifles. His measure was approved 79-37. 

Earlier today, the Illinois House endorsed a bill saying that possession of assault-style weapons by anyone under 21 would be illegal under the new legislation.