Illinois Clean Jobs Bills proposed to help the environment and economy

Feb 26, 2016

Brian Urbszewski of the Respiratory Health Association speaks at that clean air rally at the Unity House of Prayer Friday in Peoria, Illinois.
Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

  Those concerned about climate change, improving air quality, and energy efficiency, are calling on lawmakers to approve the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.

A collection of central Illinois Health Advocates gathered at Unity House of Prayer Church in Peoria to encourage passage of the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.


Brian Urbaszewski says it would mean the state would need to get 35 percent of its power from clean energy sources by 20-30. So it would be a big build out of infrastructure for more wind power, for more solar power in Illinois; things that don’t emit any air pollution. That’s going to help us meet our obligation under the federal clean power plan. But it’s something we don’t have to wait for the federal government to do.”


The lead sponsor of the bill is State Senator Dave Koehler. The Peoria Democrat says the measure would help to improve air quality and it would also provide new head-of-household jobs for skilled labor. Senator Koehler say he is ready to work with the Rauner administration to put together good policy for the state.