The illegal transport of guns from Indiana to Illinois

Feb 21, 2013

Indiana’s attorney general says his state’s gun laws aren’t what’s fueling crime in Chicago. 

Illinois Public Radio's Michael Puente reports.

It’s estimated that up to 20 percent of guns recovered by Chicago police over the last four years came from Indiana. 

Many are used in crimes and Illinois officials have pointed the finger at Indiana where it’s much easier to   obtain guns. Indiana does not require background checks if a gun is purchased at a  gun show or in a private sale. Illinois does.But Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says the illegal transport of guns into Illinois is the real problem.  

ZOELLER: In terms of the guns being transported into the city of Chicago and outside of the licensing even of the state of Illinois, those are things we could really get help from the federal government on. 

 Zoeller says states need to be allowed to set their own gun regulations. Zoeller was in Chicago on Thursday night for a dinner with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. I’m Michael Puente.